Wednesday, January 11, 2017

week of january 9th

We were introduced to the basics of electricity, components of circuit boards, and discussed Art.

The biggest take-away is RESISTANCE, VOLTAGE, and CURRENT.
Current is measured in amperes (amps) and signified as I.
Resistance is measured in Ohm's (omega symbol) and is signified by R.
Voltage is measured in volts (V) and is signified by V.

I / R * V

These three components are interconnected and depend and change with one another. 

Also, LEDs or light emitting diodes are polar, or a one direction valve for electricity. They also always require a resistor (unless it is a very small voltage). 

The data sheet is very important, as well as being able to read schematics. Always refer back to the data sheet if you are unsure of something. 

Art as a canon is being challenged in our time by the social, democratic nature of our society. With sites like Instructables, "trade secrets" are shared, and art becomes something for everyone. 

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