Sunday, January 29, 2017

read & respond | The Art of Noise

How music is evolving and created, related to technology and industrialization and civilization

Dadaism and futurism

Framed by discussing historical precedence
exploration of sound,
ancient form,
Mathematical - theory to describe the natural world
-fibonacci sequence in nature (leaves, branches)
-golden ratio 1:1.618 (faces, “squares”), pleasing to look at
Ratio - proportions (rationality) ---> laws
IDEALS - classical Grecian sculptures
Scales in music

Infinite combination of sounds (THINK: all the muscle movements in the face)

1913 Russolo - mechanisms are growing more popular (cars, manufacturing, mass crops, factorization) - Western Europe, USA

Scales are not necessarily relevant because they were questioning authority (ie: church)
If you have authority you are the author
Hegemony - accepted rules that run the world
You can’t escape the reality/hegemony so you create an alternate reality around it
Ethos - ethics
Russolo is coming out of WWI (gassing of humans in trenches)
Social Contract

Embrace reality - throw away/ignore musical scales, authorship, narrow view music vs the openness of the world. Music became idealized -- lost its connection to natural sounds

“The world is your instrument”

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