Sunday, January 22, 2017

project 0 | upgrade proposal

This new fingertip scanner is a multi-functional device built for modern life.

Artists can use the colour scanner for finding the perfect color for their digital projects. This scanner is able to better recognize colours than the human eye. It is also amazing for color blind people to be able to use accurate colors in projects.
Text (even handwritten) can be scanned line by line into your word processor.
Materials can be roughly recognized (this feature is in the preliminary stages of development) to be used in programs like SketchUp when 3D modeling.

The fingertip scanner connects to Bluetooth, so your scan results are available on all of your devices.

I was inspired by videos I've seen online of a pen that can pick up colors and a video of a portable scanner. I wanted to create a device that could have multiple functions and be more compact. 

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