Friday, January 20, 2017

week of january 16th

This week we pro-typed on breadboards. Admittedly, this task was difficult and nearly took me two hours to complete.  But once completed I was quite proud that it was finally working!

We were told to not use the instructions that came with the kit and instead had to refer to the two diagrams we were given. This was definitely a learning curve to understand how to properly read the diagram and how to relate it to how the breadboard would look like in the physical world.

But after a lot of trial and error, help from Thomas, and collaborating with classmates, my breadboard finally worked! I am honestly not sure if I could replicate this again, but I feel that I have a better understanding of how to read circuit diagrams, just not how to implement them in the physical world. Creating circuits is definitely a time-consuming and detailed process.

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