Monday, March 27, 2017

natural born cyborgs | notes

Intro to Chapter 3
  • MIT—Sensetables, and interface that reacts to real world objects; Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs)—removing the space between input and storage (pen and paper, keyboard and hard drive)
  • Yo-Yo Ma—using a bow interface to create new musical sounds on a cello; just another means to creating his art, it brings more life to creating digital music BECAUSE of the better interface than just some buttons
  • “The goal of Augmented Reality is to add digital information to the everyday scene” – different than VR; merging on physical and informational realms; ie: seeing arrows in your vision to help you navigate
  • Blurring of digital and physical—children’s game where real world actions affected digital actions and vice versa (mixed reality play)
  • Tangible vs invisible—objects that are tangible become invisible because they are so innate and intertwined in everyday functions
  • “The combination of dynamic appliances and transparent technologies is surely a match made in cyborg heaven”—design and redesign over time, adapting to culture and individuals; our brain is constantly learning and relearning, why shouldn’t our technology be doing the same (ie: speech to text learning a user) REPITITION REPITITION REPITITION
  • “In all these cases (and you can probably now dream up many more), we discover that the body-image supported by a biological brain is quite plastic, and highly (and rapidly) responsive to coordinated signals from the environment”—optical illusions but cooler, “feeling” sensations from objects that are not a part of you!; our bodily perception is basically just a construct that we can mold
  • We were made this was on purpose because our bodies do change over time; work with phantom limb patients and creating a VR experience helped them to relieve pain in these nonexistent limbs; perceived correlations—how we are able to trick out minds because if we see and feel something at the same time our mind attempts to connect them
  • Body image can be changed to include nonbiological parts (like a cane or tennis racket…or new technology); ie: monkey began using a rake as if it was just an extension of its body

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