Monday, March 6, 2017

final project | research & ideas


-**LEDs lights**
-Idea 1: blinking speed, brightness, color shade dependent on sound, temperature, or room brightness 
-Idea 2: dependent on heart heart beat for LED light flash rhythm and color is on a continuous set pattern
-Idea 3: Maybe pick a particular song and use shades of color that reflect the tone (mood) or pitch of the music, speed that goes with bass or tempo, Color Range: soft, pastels (slow, soft beats) to bright, saturated colors (fast tempos)


**Final idea: a collar piece made of either wire or fabric
This would use a Neopixel ring and five Neopixel LEDs that change rhythm based on heart beat (Amped pulse sensor), while also repeating a set color pattern. 

{Previous idea}
-Clear acrylic globe with lights shooting out (dependent on how the lasers or LEDs work)
-Hold the globe in front of you or between people or in a circle of people

Potential Products/References:

-Ambient light sensor:
-Pulse sensor:
-Wearable platform:
-Bluetooth integration:
> ****


Adafruit (3/21)
Pulse Sensor Amped
Neopixel Ring
Neopixel RGB LEDs


Videos: (the prisms look cool) Um whoa

TL;DR: I plan to create a collar piece that is made of either fabric or wire and uses NeoPixel ring and RGB LEDs dependent upon a pulse sensor's reading.

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