Monday, February 27, 2017

read & respond | Hertzian Tales Ch. 2

Becoming apart of an integrated circuit

Sociopolitical environments:
  1. Capitalist democracy
  2. Comunism

Subtle enslavement of human beings to their devices:
-mental consumption
-lack of variability in design

Conceptual model of technology:
-increases efficiency
-supports workplace
-not human-centered
Transition from our design origins of electronic objects (the military)

DARPA-collegiate military funded research

Human factors
-Participation, competition
-Our behaviour is sculpted by the hegemony

Hegemony-dominant thought
-have to be apart of the hegemony to affect it

Zanuso and Sapper - 1969 - TV for Brion Vega ~ black, shiny cube; all the interface disappears into the cube; black monolith; object of art
Art movements happening at this time - minimalism, pop art, surrealism
The Atom
Very slick designs (ie: The Jetsons)

Semiotics, semantics
Fan Heater - 1981 - Scheuer - Fibonacci sequence

Metaphorical definitions:
Opaque: black, mystery box; undefinable
-no semiotics, instructions
-can’t operate the interface without noticing
-good for dangerous things, methodical

Biology is redundant - Stelarc
Satori TV

Adelbretch - globe shaped robot that follows you around
Pet or alien?
Reacted to touch with speech

User unfriendliness does not mean user hostility

ICE - interrogation and customs enforcement
Interrogation robot
Look up: Psycho-Pass anime

Anthony Dunne
Critical or speculative design - theorycrafting, tries to project what will be designed years from now using a critical eye
Technological Dream Series No. 1: Robots

Intimate posture (like holding a baby) to use Sentinel

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